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Corporate and Institutional Solutions

Tadaoki Kokusai provides a wide range of capital market products and services to corporate, government and institutional clients who choose us for our knowledge, innovation and experience.

Alpha Equity

Aiming for a greater level of active equity. Targeting better returns.

Investors need funds in their portfolio that have the potential to generate better returns in a low-interest rates environment. Our clients' financial goals are unlikely to be met if we rely only on the results from index-tracking or passive funds.

Being dynamic

We think that in order to achieve the expected returns, an active investment strategy is required. Fund managers can increase capital faster than an index by employing this strategy and applying expertise when selecting underlying investments. They are also better positioned to protect clients' capital when economic conditions change, and unlike passive investors, they may actively avoid specific equities and industries.

Active management experience is important

Tadaoki Kokusai has developed proprietary models of managing equity products which are designed to outperform. Our capacity to empower, encourage, and motivate our outstanding investment professionals to be among the best in the business is the foundation of our success.

Broad growth offering

We provide a variety of actively managed equities throughout the world to help our customers increase their capital. There are alternatives to help achieve diverse investing goals, ranging from funds that can invest anywhere in the world to those that are focused on certain regions or investment themes.

Emerging Markets

Contributing to the confident capture of developing market growth.

The growth factors

In certain industrialized economies, high debt and poor demographics are influencing the capital growth. Emerging markets, on the other hand, are well positioned as a source of potential long-term gains. Rapid industrialization, urbanization, and the use of new technology are having a positive factor.

Local expertise

When it comes to emerging markets, it is important to have the right investment tools. We offer a variety of products, and each team has established its own investment strategy based on local expertise. This gives us the right conditions to work on meeting our clients' requirements. Thousands of clients trust us to guide them through this fascinating asset class because of our flexible, active investment strategy.

Multiple options

Globally, we have a wide range of products available to help you benefit from emerging market growth. There are alternatives to fit a variety of requirements, from multi-asset solutions to wide and specialized stock and bond funds.

Searching for income

Many people's ultimate investment objective is to make profits. With bank savings rates approaching record lows, however, a suitable income might be difficult to come by. The problem is amplified by the fact that most investors underestimate how much profits they truly want to generate.

We understand the concept of earnings. Thousands of people have benefited from our services. Our team of income investment professionals are looking for the greatest opportunities to get excellent results. We place a premium on 'high-quality' income. This implies we do not invest in a company coping with various issues simply because it offers a high return. Before we commit your capital, we take the time to consider all of the options.

Multiple options

We provide a variety of income funds, including those that invest in stocks, bonds, and real estate. We also provide multi-asset solutions, which combine diversified investments into one easy-to-manage package.

Income solutions

We offer a variety of solutions specially created to match different income preferences. However, it is important to understand that the higher the income you are targeting, the more risk there is to the capital invested.

Liquid Alternatives

Diversifying beyond traditional asset classes.

Searching for the balance

We are aware that sometimes is challenging to achieve the right balance in your investments. Some shares, bonds, and real estate have return profiles that are similar, thus requiring greater efforts to reach the investment goals.

Genuine differentiation

In certain market circumstances, liquid alternatives can offer true diversity while attempting to improve a portfolio's risk/return profile. Liquid alternatives may help to reduce the impact of market declines on your investment and generate true differentiation, with the goal of providing portfolio diversification.

Leader in liquid alternatives

Tadaoki Kokusai is a pioneer in the field of liquid alternatives. We provide liquid alternative products managed by our own fund managers, as well as a hand-picked selection of funds from highly-experienced external investing professionals.

Multiple options

We've developed one of the world's largest portfolios of absolute return funds. We provide solutions for growth, diversification, and inflation protection.

Multi-Asset Solutions

Helping generate better results.

The paradox of choice

The financial industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing environment. There are many asset classes and clients can select the ones that better match their needs. Each one has its own set of features and can provide different returns over time.

Looking for real diversification

Spreading your investment across a variety of asset classes can help you enhance performance and decrease risk. A basic passive mix of equities and bonds, on the other hand, is unlikely to provide the diversity that some investors look for to fulfill their short- and long-term investing objectives. Depending on your risk tolerance, you could also want to explore introducing alternatives like real estate or stocks.

Active allocation is essential

Our Multi-Asset Solutions actively allocate across and within these asset classes in order to build value over time. This might be beneficial in the current low-return environment, which is anticipated to last for an undetermined period of time.

Funds that better match investment goals

Our solutions are designed to meet the demands of our customers. We deliver outcomes to suit a variety of investing goals, from strategies that attempt to beat inflation to funds that focus on generating a varied income stream.

Private Assets

Having access to specialist investment opportunities.

Maximize potential

Within an environment of low interest rates, it is essential to make sure your investment portfolio is performing at the best. Private assets may be worth examining since they may boost returns, decrease risk, and diversify holdings.

Long-term perspectives and exclusive opportunities

Investment opportunities that are not available on public markets, such as stock exchanges, are known as private assets. They allow investors to profit directly from long-term investing trends and can also give access to niche markets or industries, like private equity and real estate, which are difficult to access through traditional channels. Because private assets might have significant minimum investment requirements and can be complex and illiquid, careful analysis of the options is essential.

Broad, in-house expertise

On an international level, we are among the companies with a truly broad and diverse range of in-house capabilities across the private assets landscape.


Aiming to improve people’s retirement plans.

The retirement opportunity

As responsibility moves from governments and corporations to individuals, retirement is becoming a significant concern for many people. Nowadays, people have no choice but taking greater financial responsibility for their retirement savings. This offers people who wish to be more involved with their investments a chance to enjoy the benefits of retirement.

In-depth experience

The rules and regulations governing pensions can be complex and difficult to understand. Tadaoki Kokusai has a strong knowledge of all elements of the retirement planning, as well as a track record of helping individuals to save money during retirement. We understand the retirement environment for individuals, financial planners and pension plans at both local and global levels. Our products and investment solutions are influenced by the breadth of expertise and insight.

Long-term horizons

We have always embraced a long-term investment approach, which corresponds to the time horizon of individuals saving for retirement. Our long-term goal is to generate significant, long-term returns. Many of our clients, large and small, have been with us for decades, and we have assisted them at every level of the process.

Each stage has its own set of products

Our products and services are designed to assist you through every step of your retirement. There is a solution to suit everyone, from the ones that offer growth throughout the saving period to those that can provide an income in retirement.



Focused on value

Our clients' prosperity fuels our success. By seeking to deliver value and ensure they meet their financial objectives we deliver our own goal of a stable, growing business.

Tadaoki Kokusai provides Customized, Innovative, Alternative Financial Solutions and Wealth Management Investment Strategies for individuals and small businesses.

Our fundamental investment process is based on systematic analysis of three vectors: the macroeconomic environment, an assessment of the markets and investor sentiment.

We stay close to our clients to really understand their needs, for both today and down the road. We bring unique solutions to the table followed by flawless execution.