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Corporate and Institutional Solutions

Tadaoki Kokusai provides a wide range of capital market products and services to corporate, government and institutional clients who choose us for our knowledge, innovation and experience.

Responsible Investing

We are Japanese asset manager with global reach, seeking to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients by identifying high-quality, sustainably growing companies through in-depth fundamental analysis.

Our Investment Team

We are an experienced workforce having the confidence to think and act outside the box.

Tadaoki Kokusai's investing culture is firmly ingrained in our global investment team. All of our managers and analysts subscribe to the same investing philosophy and are competent top-down practitioners. Furthermore, they possess the traits that our strategy necessitates: discipline, perseverance, and motivation. A dynamic, close-knit team working in the same environment ensures effective decision-making, regular sharing of perspectives, and rapid strategy adoption.

Client Relations

We build long-term connections with our clients by providing a unique and relevant service experience. Our service team is made up of seasoned experts with a wide range of skills and beliefs that promote collaboration, responsiveness and transparency. We think that all investors, regardless of their profile, should have access to information on the methods employed in their portfolios and how market changes influence their results.

Investment Professionals

A solid foundation - our people – is the cornerstone for quality investing. Our portfolio managers are qualified financial experts with a solid academic background. We focus on a specific area of the capital markets and perform basic research on high-quality equities and bonds according to a bottom-up approach.

This has been our company's continuous priority, and it keeps defining our competitive advantage. Our specialists' combined expertise and talent, along with a rigorous commitment to our investing principles, has enabled us to manage all sorts of market conditions and make investment decisions that provide consistency without sacrificing returns.

Seasoned Professionals

  • Investment professionals are having an outstanding industry experience.
  • We possess specialized investment niche knowledge.
  • Our equities teams invest in companies that have a track record of steady earnings growth and stability.
  • Bonds with stable and predictable cash flows, as well as low credit and event risk, are the focus of our fixed income strategies.
  • Our clients’ interests become our priority.
  • Compensation is based on investment success as well as the company’s overall performance.

Core Equity Investment Professionals

Tadaoki Kokusai's core equity team is comprised of portfolio managers and investment specialists.

Investment strategies include:

  • High Quality Small Cap.
  • High Quality SMID Cap (small and mid-caps).
  • High Quality Select Equity.

Fixed Income Investment Professionals

Tadaoki Kokusai's fixed income team is comprised of portfolio managers. Investment decisions are made on a team basis.

Investment strategies include:

  • High Quality Floating Rate.
  • High Quality (AAA) Ultra-Short Securitized.
  • High Quality Short Duration.
  • High Quality Midway.
  • High Quality Principal.

Our fixed income team is committed to tailoring our portfolios to the unique investing preferences and objectives of each institutional customer.

Investment Approach

As a business, we are devoted to finding high quality investments, a strategy that transcends market conditions, in order to reduce downside risk and enhance value primarily through security selection within the government and ‘AAA' rated mortgage-backed and asset-backed securities sectors.



Focused on value

Our clients' prosperity fuels our success. By seeking to deliver value and ensure they meet their financial objectives we deliver our own goal of a stable, growing business.

At Tadaoki Kokusai, our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of our clients and our associates. We value integrity, commitment, flexibility and kindness.

Tadaoki Kokusai provides Customized, Innovative, Alternative Financial Solutions and Wealth Management Investment Strategies for individuals and small businesses.

We stay close to our clients to really understand their needs, for both today and down the road. We bring unique solutions to the table followed by flawless execution.