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Responsible Investing

We are Japanese asset manager with global reach, seeking to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients by identifying high-quality, sustainably growing companies through in-depth fundamental analysis.


Independent research underpins all of our investment skills, allowing us to get an insight advantage.


Global Platform

In-depth, independent fundamental research is important for achieving long-term outperformance. We utilize a worldwide research platform that helps our clients comprehend the markets while also guiding our investing strategies. Our research commitment enables us to create global insights while encouraging independent thinking across asset classes.

Our Research department is extremely helpful for our investors. It is represented by in-house professionals, a global network of independent and experienced correspondents, field force researchers and industry experts. We exploit this network to identify industry trends ahead of our competition by using cutting-edge market research and investigative approaches.

ESG Research

With environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) concerns affecting nearly every industry, our capacity to focus on ESG best practices is able to ensure a competitive advantage and increase the long-term success potential. Our Global ESG team is comprised of sector-based, internationally oriented analysts that offer our managers exclusive information to help them make smarter investment decisions.

The Research Team

Our Research Division includes three teams: Global Alternative Investment, Global Asset Allocation, and Global Stock Portfolio.

The Global Alternative Investment team is in charge of the company’s alternative risk multi-strategies research and portfolio execution. The researchers are in charge of upgrading and developing investment processes by discovering new variables and improving the methods used to assess current factors.

Portfolio management and research associated to macro trading techniques, such as location and currency selection strategies, fixed income arbitrage strategies, commodities strategies, and credit strategies, are the primary objectives of the Global Asset Allocation team. The team is in charge of the overlay part of Tadaoki Kokusai's various international equities mandates, as well as the administration of a number of hedge funds.

Tadaoki Kokusai's Global Stock Portfolio team is in charge of portfolio management and research for the company’s equity and equity-related securities strategies. The models are used in Tadaoki Kokusai hedge funds' market-neutral portfolios, as well as relaxed-constraint and low volatility portfolios for institutional equity mandates and mutual funds.



Focused on value

Our clients' prosperity fuels our success. By seeking to deliver value and ensure they meet their financial objectives we deliver our own goal of a stable, growing business.

By understanding our clients’ needs, anticipating how these will evolve in the future, and focusing on building wealth for them in the long-term, we remain current, relevant and up-to-date.

At Tadaoki Kokusai, our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of our clients and our associates. We value integrity, commitment, flexibility and kindness.

Our fundamental investment process is based on systematic analysis of three vectors: the macroeconomic environment, an assessment of the markets and investor sentiment.