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Responsible Investing

We are Japanese asset manager with global reach, seeking to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients by identifying high-quality, sustainably growing companies through in-depth fundamental analysis.

Our Clients

Every action we take is focused on our clients. There are complex situations that actually require deep investing experience and specialized client service in order to meet clients’ investment expectations. We work with a wide spectrum of clients, including individuals, advisors, and institutions. They count on our help to better understand the markets, have access to innovative financial solutions and plan for the future.

Meeting Our Clients' Needs

In order to serve our clients at the best, we have established our business to be global, broad and deep across:

Asset Classes

By developing new products and services across a broad variety of asset classes, including fixed income, money markets, public and private equity, commodities, hedge funds, and real estate, we seek to be innovative and anticipate our clients' changing demands.


Through our team of experts, we provide global reach and local expertise to a wide range of clients on an international level.


Investors are looking for one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing services. We tailor solutions across a broad spectrum of offerings, from portfolio design to asset allocation and advisory solutions, depending on our clients' specific needs.


Tadaoki Kokusai’s dynamic, long-tenured management team implements our business strategy across global operations.


Tadaoki Kokusai recognizes the importance of corporate citizenship and commitment to environmental standards, which are essential for the success of the company and its affiliates. We are dedicated to operate with integrity, supporting the communities in which our global offices are located. In the same way, we are committed to diversity and inclusion, employee development, and being responsible stewards of natural resources.

A Culture of Excellence

Our company's strength derives from our devotion towards our customers and employees. We promote an excellent culture as:


Our clients appreciate our thorough research and rigorous investing methods, by the help of which we obtain the most up-to-date information when it comes to discovering new ideas and solutions. We seek to bring together our greatest talents on behalf of our customers, incorporating insights from our investment teams, which are comprised of senior experts with decades of investing expertise.


Our goal is to build long-term, reliable relationships with our clients. They see us as a strategic partner and a completion of their teams, due to the fact that we are ensuring continual knowledge transfer and individualized client service meant to fulfill their specific requirements. Because we offer access to our company's vast resources as well as to a global network of industry experts, we are the first line of contact for clients seeking insights and assistance on a wide range of subjects.

Risk Managers

Risk management is a strategic concern for us and our customers, and we employ a holistic approach to risk management that is deeply established in our investing culture and processes. We examine the risk spectrum to drive risk-adjusted returns and deliver complete insights and views, leveraging our state-of-the-art risk and technology resources.

Who we serve

Institutional Clients

Investment service companies, asset management firms, financial institutions, mutual funds, private equity funds, hedge funds, pension funds, are among the clients we serve.

With disciplined and targeted investment approaches that suit the unique objectives of institutional clients, our affiliates are also managing assets for foundations and endowments, as well as defined benefit and defined contribution plans for corporations.

Retail Investors

Directly or through our retail distribution networks, we provide advisory or sub-advisory services to retail clients.

High Net Worth Clients

We handle individual managed accounts through intermediaries, such as brokerage companies or other sponsors. We provide investment management or tailored investment consulting and fiduciary services to high-net-worth individuals, families, and charitable organizations.

Global Distribution

Tadaoki Kokusai provides customers with access to a wide range of independent managers that have distinct and specialized investment methods, as well as the convenience of in-market client service and a single point of contact.

Our global distribution strategy gives you access to the resources of a large asset management company on a global scale. Our platform delivers our specialized expertise to customers and markets all over the world, while ensuring that our products and services are responsive to the changing demands of the global marketplace while respecting each company's autonomy.

Our global distribution infrastructure operates within important markets across the world to help our affiliates expand the reach of their own business development activities. Affiliates benefit from the knowledge of top sales and marketing experts based all around the world. Client assets are currently managed by our affiliates in more than 50 countries, including all major developed markets.

Global Compliance

Tadaoki Kokusai uses its worldwide asset management scale to provide best-in-class services to its affiliates. Tadaoki Kokusai provides affiliates with a broad spectrum of resources and technology to fulfill international legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements across all jurisdictions, utilizing both strategic alliances and in-house resources.

Tadaoki Kokusai ensures that its affiliates have access to practical advice on a wide range of investment management, funds, and regulatory requirements, as well as assistance in developing and implementing compliance and internal control processes and regulatory expertise across jurisdictions.



Focused on value

Our clients' prosperity fuels our success. By seeking to deliver value and ensure they meet their financial objectives we deliver our own goal of a stable, growing business.

Tadaoki Kokusai provides Customized, Innovative, Alternative Financial Solutions and Wealth Management Investment Strategies for individuals and small businesses.

Our fundamental investment process is based on systematic analysis of three vectors: the macroeconomic environment, an assessment of the markets and investor sentiment.

We stay close to our clients to really understand their needs, for both today and down the road. We bring unique solutions to the table followed by flawless execution.