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Corporate and Institutional Solutions

Tadaoki Kokusai provides a wide range of capital market products and services to corporate, government and institutional clients who choose us for our knowledge, innovation and experience.

Responsible Investing

We are Japanese asset manager with global reach, seeking to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for our clients by identifying high-quality, sustainably growing companies through in-depth fundamental analysis.

Welcome to Tadaoki Kokusai

Our business embodies a client-centered approach. We keep being dynamic and up-to-date, by knowing our clients' demands, anticipating potential changes in the future, and focusing on building their wealth in the long run.

Understanding the most important needs of our clients is just the beginning of a fruitful cooperation. We do everything it takes to comprehend the ever-changing circumstances so that we take the corresponding actions. The overall picture as well as the minute details are vital, which is why we take pride in having specialized teams implementing innovative ideas. We provide our clients with a unique perspective on the world by investing with conviction, taking appropriate decisions, and pursuing long-term profits.

Creating long-term value necessitates both effective methods and in-depth knowledge. Our investing ideas and solutions have always been focused on preserving and growing the wealth of our clients. That means we hold ourselves to a high standard, creating and stress testing products and ideas at every stage and rigorously avoiding anything that does not comply with our business principles.

Client-centered approach, specialized teams, and bespoke solutions are essential vectors in developing high quality service. We regard all of them as fundamentals ensuring continuity and innovation.

Our Purpose & Values

Our mission at Tadaoki Kokusai is to contribute to the well-being of our clients and associates. Our purpose inspires our passions for:

  • Exclusive business culture
  • Strategic collaboration
  • Customizable experience
  • Individual monitoring
  • Independence

Our values define our mission, establish our culture, and guide our activities.

  • Integrity: Our culture is built on the principles of transparency, fairness, and professionalism.
  • Commitment: Reliability, innovation, and high-quality service make the difference in our community.
  • Flexibility: We offer solutions based on open-mindedness, analysis, and resourcefulness.
  • Receptivity: While manifesting responsibility, we are guided by awareness and perception.

Tadaoki Kokusai Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct reflects the involvement and consideration we demand from every member of Tadaoki Kokusai when interacting with other members, and it correlates with our values of integrity, commitment, flexibility and responsibility.

Financial Advice

An independent financial expert can offer you advice on how to ensure your financial stability and reach your goals.

Plan Your Future Efficiently

A financial professional can advise you, the investing client, on how to efficiently prepare your finances for the future, whether you are going through challenging situations, planning for retirement, or simply looking for ways to preserve and/or grow your wealth. Choosing an independent financial advisor is an essential step towards achieving your objectives.

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Private and institutional investors can benefit from Tadaoki Kokusai's tailored, innovative, alternative financial solutions and wealth management investment strategies.

Our main goal is to help clients create better investment portfolios by offering alternatives to standard mutual funds and managed accounts.

We want to stand out from the crowd and provide a one-of-a-kind investing approach for our valued clients.

In our partnerships with our clients, we are committed to ensuring the highest levels of ethics and professionalism. We make every effort to learn about and understand our clients’ individual financial conditions so that we can provide the best information, services and products in order to help them achieve the established objectives.

As a clients' trusted asset management partner, Tadaoki Kokusai provides the best quality products and services. Our major purpose is to contribute to a sustainable economy and society by managing assets for our clients' long-term prosperity.

Our Firm

Tadaoki Kokusai offers conventional investment options as well as alternatives to stock and bond investments. For clients that are looking for both wealth growth and retirement benefits, we offer Professionally Managed Separate Accounts, structured investments, retirement planning, private placements among other services.

Business Development Companies (BDCs – closed-end funds), Private Placements, and Lifetime Income Solutions.



We are a full-service financial company dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their financial objectives. Individuals and business owners can choose from a variety of traditional financial products and services, as well as managed accounts. We believe that offering you access to accurate financial information, will help you determine your objectives and achieve them by making informed decisions.

We aim at providing our clients with everything they need in order to generate exceptional results, thus becoming a preferred partner they can always rely on.

Our strategy is straightforward: We closely connect with our clients so that we understand their needs at the best, regardless of the time frame. Subsequently, we identify new solutions followed by precise execution, by working as an integrated team. We are consistent in our approach because we know it takes hard work to win a position in front of our customers every day.

Corporate and Institutional Solutions

Corporate, government and institutional clients decide to work with Tadaoki Kokusai due to our knowledge, competence, and experience in the following major areas of finance:

  • Corporate Finance and Investment Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Interest Rate, Currency and Derivative Products
  • Commodities

Underwriting and distribution of new debt and equity issues, providing consultancy on strategic acquisitions and divestitures, executing daily trading and financial assistance are just a few of the services we provide.

We have developed considerable strengths, including recognized trading expertise and market knowledge that we implement to create value for our clients on a constant basis.

Our Business

We are focused on value.

Our success is driven by the success of our clients. As a stable, developing business, we achieve our own goal by creating value and ensuring that our clients accomplish their financial objectives.

Corporate Responsibility

Our business values that incorporate excellence, innovation, cooperation, commitment, and integrity serve as a framework within which we operate and reinforce our approach to meet our clients' expectations. These values are essential as they are defining our reputation and guiding the actions of our members.


We acknowledge that supporting businesses to engage in a sustainable way delivers value to society.


Our most valuable asset is our workforce. We can reach our full potential as a company by attracting, retaining and supporting devoted professionals. We value and foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, leveraging individual abilities and perspectives to generate new ideas and insights.


We give back to the communities where we live and work and we inspire our employees to get involved in the process as much as possible. We continue to place a strong emphasis on employee-led charity giving and encourage offering financial support. Many of our employees can take volunteering leave and apply for time matching for any volunteer work they do outside of work.


We are dedicated to reducing our operations' environmental impacts and improving our environmental performance on a constant basis.



Focused on value

Our clients' prosperity fuels our success. By seeking to deliver value and ensure they meet their financial objectives we deliver our own goal of a stable, growing business.

By understanding our clients’ needs, anticipating how these will evolve in the future, and focusing on building wealth for them in the long-term, we remain current, relevant and up-to-date.

At the core of our process is the grounding belief that investors should be compensated for the risks they take – in all market environments and any investment strategy.

At Tadaoki Kokusai, our purpose is to make a difference in the lives of our clients and our associates. We value integrity, commitment, flexibility and kindness.

Tadaoki Kokusai provides Customized, Innovative, Alternative Financial Solutions and Wealth Management Investment Strategies for individuals and small businesses.

Our fundamental investment process is based on systematic analysis of three vectors: the macroeconomic environment, an assessment of the markets and investor sentiment.

We stay close to our clients to really understand their needs, for both today and down the road. We bring unique solutions to the table followed by flawless execution.